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Our pilot Cloud Angels study group for women in cloud computing is launching in Fall 2021!

Are you a woman* who would like to learn what the cloud is, how you can use it, and in what ways it can potentially benefit your career and in starting a business? If so, please join us for DLI International’s newest initiative – Cloud Angels, the world’s first online study group for women starters in cloud computing!

The Digital Leadership Institute+ is launching its first Cloud Angels cohort in Fall 2021 as an 12-week training program, meeting one time per week for 1.5-2 hours, on the subject of AWS Cloud Basics.

Each 2021 Cloud Angels Cohort member will receive a student account on AWS and, with support from DLI, will be guided through class materials and in carrying out labs in the AWS Cloud.

In order to join the cohort, please register and pay the non-refundable, 30 euro administration fee. The cohort is strictly limited to maximum 15 members, first come first served. Due to limited space, participants are asked to commit in good faith to attending each class meeting, and will be excused from the cohort after three absences.

If you need help to participate and benefit fully from this class, please let us know. Limited scholarship opportunities are available on a case-by-case basis by contacting the organizer.

Registration closes a few days before the start of class, after which details for class meetings, materials and labs will be shared with cohort members. If capacity becomes filled, a wait-list will be opened for those wishing to join the 2021 cohort in the event of cancellations.

We look forward to welcoming you in the Cloud Angels 2021 Cohort!

*anyone who identifies as a woman

+DLI is an AWS Educate institution since 2015

Please sign up here to be part of our first cohort!